Personal Wearable Air Purifier



How It Works?

AIRIWEAR is a neck worn, personal air purifier.

Surrounding air is captured, purified with UVC Light, and delivered to your final point of contact.

UVC Light

UVC Light is know to disinfect viruses, bacteria & fungal spores.

High Power Fan & Vaccum Chamber

AIRIWEAR’s air chamber provides maximum time for purification, while producing maximum pressure & volume.

Patented Design

Our patented design provides balance & precision. The materials are hypo-allogenic and anti-microbial. Providing a comfortable & safe wearable device.


What Do We Disinfect?


This stuff is everywhere. But with our UVC Light we can put them down.


Are viruses ever really alive? We’ll this isn’t a questions after our UVC Light.


Fungal & mold spores taker a little more power, but we can handle it.

AIRiWEAR: Your Personal Wearable Air Purifier

Elevate your daily experience with AIRiWEAR, the pinnacle of personal wearable air purifiers. This stylish, neck-worn marvel combines cutting-edge UVC light technology with comfort, rechargeability, and hypoallergenic materials, creating a haven of pure air wherever life takes you.